Student Transport Safety

Knowing if something goes wrong during student bus transport to and from school and understanding who is in the situation at a specific point in time, is not trivial. 

Involved in student transport situations will be the bus driver and the students, who often do not have the means to report that something is not right. With iGT School, they now do.

Provide information to the right units

With a control center and additional remote management and communication tools between students and bus drivers towards other resources, such as school staff and guardians, several profiles can now work as first responders. 

The solution can be preventive and provide support for resources, given that you can quickly send out information from the school control center. Resources can trigger alarms from the solution and get help within minutes, and also receive alarms assigned by the control center, based on availability and location.

They can then provide information regarding the location and the students that are onboard any given school transport vehicle. 

Students and the driver are safer

The drivers for the school transport have a support network that has the responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the students, and the driver can, at any time, activate an SOS call and get support to ensure a safer journey for the students.

Students know that the solution is preventive and makes them safer. The control center knows which school transport they are currently using, the location of the vehicle, and it is possible to track the students while at school activities. If there is an emergency, they can call for help by pressing an SOS button from any screen, and the first responders will find their location and send help.