Right equipment at the right time – accessed by the right resources. Not only do we ensure resources are utilized to its maximum – we do it with a people first perspective. Our experience from the Health sector ensures construction sites are kept safe and that the right resources are notified if something is wrong.


“Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that ensures the safety of people.“

Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people. At the same time, each situation needs to be understood and acted upon in a suitable manner. Our advanced data models analyzes and understands the profile and the situation taking place, and automatically alerts or recommends the next best actions accordingly.

Privacy is key to everything we do. The iGT IoT Platform ensures the safe-keeping of personal and critical information. All of our solutions are designed to be non-intrusive and take into account our people first philosophy.

We ensure the safety and security on any size construction site.

IGT Construction is Suitable For:

Remote Site Management

Remotely and efficiently manage the operations at your construction sites. Our Remote Site Management solution is suitable for all sized organizations.

Construction Site Safety

We ensure your workers are safe on the job and that the right help easily is reached when needed. Our solution is based on open APIs and easily connects with any type of Alarm Receiving Central.

Theft Prevention

Theft at construction sites is a big industry problem, and happen both in operative hours and after hours. Our solution covers both personnel access granting as well as off-hours monitoring.


Solution Overview

The iGT Construction solution is a secure and efficient platform for streamlining device and asset monitoring, personnel information, communication and alarm handling. It is a secure solution that enables increased safety and profitability on building and construction sites. 

Certain important events and alarm signals from different types of devices are sent and received through iGT Construction to ensure safekeeping of sensitive data and safe handling of alarms. Personnel receives notifications based on competence, availability and user rights.

We have several integrated sensor and device partners, which opens up the opportunity to work with larger systems and installations.

IGT Construction is non-proprietary and can communicate with any API-based device and system. We have an easy to understand user interface, or we can integrate our solution with you already existing user interfaces. It´s your choice.

Key Features

Alarm Response Central:

Prioritize, answer and handle alarms in an efficient and easy way, by distributing alarms to available and suitable resources, in the proximity of the alarm location.

Real-Time Alerts:

Every second count when there is a situation – immediacy is key. In the case of an event or emergency, iGT Construction triggers real alarms that lets personnel act immediately.

Alert Logic:

Understands each situation and the routing of events and alerts according to the next best action.

Easy Integration:

Our APIs ensure easy integration with your other systems and solutions.

Data Privacy:

Secure data protection and privacy for all individuals.

Flexible User Interface:

You can use our intuitive user interface or implement our data flow and alert handling through your already existing system.


Easier Access

On building sites the time staff uses to get access to the right tools takes time out of the job day. With automated access, the job gets finished faster.

Improved Job Situation

On site building managers can focus on other tasks besides handling personnel access situations – less people management needed.

Less Loss

By knowing who has had access to which building site asset when, there is less loss of equipment.

Lower Costs

By opening for remote monitoring of building sites, centralized resources can monitor the sites, with less manual checkup rounds needed from security firms.