According to the leading technology research company Gartner it is about high time that business demands and needs drive the IoT Platforms today. We couldn’t agree more.

We place the needs of the people who will use our solutions and the businesses and organizations that are looking to solve a particular problem or create new opportunities, first.

The core of the iGT IoT Platform and our associated vertical solutions are developed based on our experience from working with safe and reliable IoT Health applications. No situation can demand more of us as when people´s lives are a stake.

We utilize this experience across new industry sectors where accuracy, dependency and flexibility is key.

It is important as you embark on your IoT journey that, as you set your goals, you very clearly identify the business value rather than the technological challenges.

Mark Hung, Vice President, Gartner Research

We ensure people achieve better quality of life. We also realize that each person is different. They have different needs and their reality needs to be treated differently. Our advanced data models analyzes and understands the situation the person is in, and recommend next best actions accordingly.

Right equipment at the right time – accessed by the right resources. Not only do we ensure resources are utilized to its maximum – we do it with a people first perspective. Our experience from the Health sector ensures construction sites are kept safe and that the right resources are notified if something is wrong.

Smart Building and Smart Living concepts and technologies have so far been very complex and with associated high cost levels, making it accessible only for large real estate players. We have made the iGT Real Estate solution with a specific purpose of making proptech accessible for all property owners and building managers.