Smart Building and Smart Living concepts and technologies have so far been very complex and with associated high cost levels, making it accessible only for large real estate players. We have made the iGT Real Estate solution with a specific purpose of making proptech accessible for all property owners and building managers.


“Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people.“

Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people. At the same time, each situation needs to be understood and acted upon in a suitable manner. Our advanced data models analyzes and understands the profile and the situation taking place, and automatically alerts or recommends the next best actions accordingly.

Privacy is key to everything we do. The iGT IoT Platform ensures the safe-keeping of personal and critical information. All of our solutions are designed to be non-intrusive and take into account our people first philosophy.

We ensure optimal building conditions and people comfort.

IGT Real Estate is Suitable For:

Connected Living

We enable you to easily offer smart living with elements to your business and its residents or visitors. The solution can be used for multiple smart living type installations, such as  temperature comfort monitoring for any type of building and room.

Property Management

We make remote property management accessible for more property owners and building managers. Enable preventative maintenance, monitor occupancy levels, energy usage amongst other applications.

Energy Savings

We allow you to adjust lighting and temperatures based on occupancy detection. We also make it possible to decrease building operation costs, and supporting sustainability programs entailing lower power consumption.


Solution Overview

The iGT Real Estate solution is a secure and efficient platform for streamlining device and asset monitoring, staff information, communication and event/alarm handling. It is a secure solution that enables optimized property management for any type of buildings. 

Certain important events and alarm signals from different types of devices are sent and received through iGT Real Estate to ensure safekeeping of sensitive data and safe handling of alarms. Staff receives notifications based on competence, availability and user rights.

We have several integrated sensor and device partners, which opens up the opportunity to work with larger systems and installations.

IGT Real Estate is non-proprietary and can communicate with any API-based device and system. We have an easy to understand user interface, or we can integrate our solution with you already existing user interfaces. It´s your choice.

Key Features

Event Alerting:

Prioritize, answer and handle events in an efficient and easy way, by distributing notifications and alarms to available and suitable resources, in the proximity of the event location.

Real-Time Alerts:

Every second may count when there is a situation – immediacy may be key. In the case of an event or emergency, real-time alerts are triggered, so that staff know about and can act on a situation immediately.

Alert Logic:

Understands individual needs and abilities and the routing of alerts according to the next best action.

Easy Integration:

Our APIs ensure easy integration with your other systems and solutions.

Data Privacy:

Secure data protection and privacy for all individuals.

Flexible User Interface:

You can use our basic and intuitive user interface or implement our data flow and alert handling through your already existing system.


Content Occupants

Optimization of comfort, occupancy levels and temperature, leads to more content residents, workers and visitors.

Lower Costs

Less staff time needed to perform check ups that were not needed in the first place.

Operational Efficiency

Needs based management and fewer checkup rounds means staff can focus on other and more important tasks.