We help move students safely from their home to school and back. We want every student to feel safe and secure and at the same time safeguard and track resources and school transport to ensure the best possible communication flow.


“Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people.“

iGT School provides a contingency solution for handling information flow, safety precautions and fleet management. It enables communication and interactivity and ensures that the correct measures are taken to maintain the safekeeping of all people involved in the school.

Via specific applications, iGT School can provide monitoring of the school transport and students, sending and receiving notifications and handling alarms. iGT School provides overview, control and support during the entire school day.

We strive to secure a safe, smooth and promptly transport of students to and from school

IGT School is Suitable For:

School Car Drop Off

Student drop off and pick up solution. Multiple lane capabilities allow for a unique solution that solves a major problem at most major US schools.

School Bus Transport

Fleet management and rider intelligence solution. A first responder solution that helps you keep track of students, school transport and resources, as well as information handling.


Solution Overview

Total overview for location and status of all school transport, students and resources. Logistics, emergency and contingency applications. iGT School can be linked to the school´s physical alarm and contingency infrastructure.

The user interface is intuitive and effective to work with. The first responders web application provides access to several features for the administrators of each school, it can be set up in a control center of the school, campus police or at an external security provider.

It is important for the parents/relatives to know that the school takes measures regarding safekeeping of their children. Parents can see their children’s location at any given time, and easily get in touch with the school. They can be confident that their children have made it to school.

Key Features


Control Center:

Receive and handle different types of alarms, contingency, assign alarms to resources, send and receive notifications.


Real-Time Alerts:

inked to all alarm infrastructure in the school’s buildings and linked to the students, parents, personnel or emergency units.


Alert Logic:

Understanding which type of event has occurred and routing the information to the right person.

Internal chat:

Secure communication between guardians, students, drivers, emergency personnel, etc.

Student Location Insight:

Student presence detection by timestamps for embarking and disembarking vehicles/buses.

Easy Integration:

Our APIs ensure easy integration with your other systems and solutions (like Skyward, Rediker, Infosnap, etc.).


Safer kids:

Seeing in real time where the kids are when being transported to and from school, gives both parents and school personnel the chance to act if something is not right.

Time saved:

With the car solution, the substantial time spent dropping off and picking up kids at school is dramatically lowered.

Safer schools:

Ensuring safety when being transported to and from the school allows schools to reach a complete student safety situation during their full school day.

Less management:

School personnel spend much time handling the logistics of student pick up and drop off. This allows them to focus on teaching and student well-being.

Use Cases



We like to address real problems that our clients and partners state is at the core of what they need to fix. For student transport management, a key challenge is ensuring students feel and are safe on their way to and back from school.

  • Knowing if something goes wrong during student bus transport to and from school and understanding who is in the situation at a specific point in time, is not trivial.  Involved in student transport situations will be the bus driver and the students, who often do......

Solving Real World Issues